EVN Experiments - Nov 1999

Feedback from each EVN station, for any given experiment, can be obtained by clicking on the appropriate experiment name in the session schedule presented below.

Information is also available regarding station problems that affected the ENTIRE session, or one particular observing wavelength (click on the appropriate wavelength below).

18 cm

P.I. Project
Polatidis FTT Fringe Test
Roy ER008A Seyfert G.
Sjouwerman C99L4 1803+784 1823+568
Garrett EM035A HDF
Stanghellin ES027 CSOs
Garrett EM035B HDF
Sjouwerman ES028 V720-Oph
Diamond GD013 OH127.8-0.0
Gizani EG021 Herc A
Yates EY004D OH Maser proper motion
Rioja GR019A Phase-Ref.
Pihlstroem GP024 3C321
Rioja GR019B Phase-Ref.
Peck GP022 3C293
Polatidis EP032 NGC2623

6 cm

P.I. Project
Sjouwerman C99C4 DA193
Kowatsch BK071 NGC3079
Porcas W050A J0728+67
Stirling SAH6A XTE1859+226
Gurvits W035P J0354+04
Jiang EJ002 BL Lacs
Rioja W052B J1041+52
Bartel GB035B SN1993J
Hough W019A J1042+12
Stirling SAH6B XTE1859+226
Kollgaard V050 0454+844
Porcas W050B J1119+65
Snellen ES034B Distant Qs.

5 cm

P.I. Project
Minier EM033A Methanol masers
Phillips EP028 Proto B stars
Minier EM033B Methanol masers

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