EVN Experiments - Nov 1997

Feedback from each EVN station, for any given experiment, can be obtained by clicking on the appropriate experiment name in the session schedule presented below.

Information is also available regarding station problems that affected the ENTIRE session, or one particular observing wavelength (click on the appropriate wavelength below).

6 cm

P.I. Project
Sjouwerman C97C4A 0016+731
- VT906 2021+614
Hong EH003 Gamma-ray related to PA of Jets
Shen ES018 7 Equat.Sc.
Tavani EF005A GRS1915+105
Cohen CAH1A OH masers in Mon R2
- V330C 1954+513
Aaron BA028 0814+425, 1749+701
Alef BA027B 3C111
Krichbaum BK053A PKS0528+134
Tavani EF005B GRS1915+105
Sjouwerman C97C4B DA193
Cohen CAH1B OH masers in Mon R2
- V014B1 Mkn 421
Rupen GR017 SN1997J
- VT907 1954+513
- V085M 2021+614

1.3 cm

P.I. Project
Lobanov EL022B H2O Masers
Moscadelli EM022D YSOs explored by H2O masers
Moscadelli EM027 IRAS 20126+4104
Porcas BP037 B0218+357

3.6 cm

P.I. Project
Lestrade EL020A Planet
Ros GR016A Quad Grav.Lenses

18 cm

P.I. Project
Tavani EF005C GRS1915+105
Sjouwerman C97L4 DA193
Etoka EE002 OH in Mira R LMi
Szymzcak GS013 OH Masers

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