EVN Experiments - Nov 2002

Feedback from each EVN station, for any given experiment, can be obtained by clicking on the appropriate experiment name in the session schedule presented below.

Information is also available regarding station problems that affected the ENTIRE session, or one particular observing wavelength (click on the appropriate wavelength below).

6 cm

P.I. Project
Polatidis F02C2 Fringe Test
Marcaide GM048A SN1993J
Bondi EB023A 3C270
Gunn CL02C1 EVN-cal
Garrington GG048A Th1-OriA2
Smith ES046 Rad.Im.Qsos
Bartel GB045 SN1986J

18/21 cm

P.I. Project
Beswick EB024A NGC7674
Beswick EB024B Arp220
Beswick EB024C NGC7469
Krips EK015A Seyfert gals.
Lonsdale GL026B Arp220
Paragi N02L3 NME
Marcaide GM048B SN1993J
Marcaide GM047 SN1979C
Vermeulen GV016 NGC1052-OH
Filho EF009B Nearby gals.
Gunn CL02L1 EVN-cal

1.3 cm

P.I. Project
Paragi N02K1 NME
Diamond ED023 NMLCyg masers
Volvatch S02K1 Simiez test

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