EVN Experiments - May 2001

Feedback from each EVN station, for any given experiment, can be obtained by clicking on the appropriate experiment name in the session schedule presented below.

Information is also available regarding station problems that affected the ENTIRE session, or one particular observing wavelength (click on the appropriate wavelength below).

18. cm

P.I. Project
Polatides F01L2 Fringe Test System check
Jiang EJ004 BAL Quasars
Snellen ES042A Young R.Sc.
Snellen ES042B Young R.Sc.

3.6 cm

P.I. Project
Spencer GS017 Cyg X-1
Gabuzda GAH4A 3C66B+3C78
Gabuzda GG046 IDV
Gabuzda GAH4B 3C254+3C272
Giovannini GG038C 3C338
Sjouwerman/Garrett N01X2 DA193
Ros GR016C Quad Grav. L.

6.0 cm

P.I. Project
Barthel EB019 NGC4418
Exter EE004 P Cygni
Massaro EM043A ON231
Reynolds R01C1 DA193
Massaro EM043B OQ530
Porcas PAH4 Candid. Phas. Ref.
McDonald GM044 M82
Garrington GG047 Theta Ori A
Marecki EM041 1123+340
Sjouwerman/Garrett N01C2 J1159+2914
Bartel GB042A SN1993J

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