EVN Experiments - Mar 2007

Feedback from each EVN station, for any given experiment, can be obtained by clicking on the appropriate experiment name in the session schedule presented below.

Information is also available regarding station problems that affected the ENTIRE session, or one particular observing wavelength (click on the appropriate wavelength below).

6 cm

P.I. Project
Campbell F07C1
Fender EF018A
Campbell N07C1
Gunn CL07C1
Frey EF016
Alberdi EA037A
Fender EF018B
Frey EF020A
Fender EF018C

1.3 cm

P.I. Project
Campbell F07K1
Gunn CL07K1
Campbell N07K1
Moscadelli EM059B

18 cm

P.I. Project
Campbell F07L1
Olsson EO005
Campbell N07L1
Gunn CL07L1
Kloeckner EK024A
Kloeckner EK024B
Kloeckner EK024C
Frey EF020B
Alberdi EA037B
Asada EA036A
Lobanov EL034
Taylor GT007

5 cm

P.I. Project
Campbell F07M1
Gunn CL07M1
Campbell N07M1
Moscadelli EM061D
Moscadelli EM062A
Moscadelli EM061E
Moscadelli EM064A
Moscadelli EM061F
Brunthaler EB032B
Moscadelli EM064B
Moscadelli EM064C

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