EVN Feedback Pages

This service allows you to obtain information regarding any EVN experiment or session.
The content of these pages are also summarized shortly in the EVN Session Overview tables.

Once your experiment is correlated, it is automatically processed (pipelined) at JIVE.

The pipeline plots provide a quick overview on the data quality. You can also download the
calibration tables from the Pipeline web pages.

For more information about EVN performance in a particular session,

please refer to the results of the Network Monitoring Experiments.

You can get a quick look at the amplitude calibration, and a databased version of the feedback for your telescope at:
EVN Feedback Plots.

Select a session and then an experiment:

2024: FEB24

2023: FEB23 JUN23 OCT23

2022: FEB22 JUN22 OCT22

2021: FEB21 JUN21 OCT21

2020: FEB20 JUN20 OCT20

2019: FEB19 JUN19 OCT19

2018: FEB18 JUN18 OCT18

2017: FEB17 JUN17 OCT17

2016: FEB16 JUN16 OCT16

2015: FEB15 JUN15 OCT15

2014: FEB14 JUN14 OCT14

2013: FEB13 JUN13 OCT13

2012: FEB12 JUN12 OCT12

2011: FEB11 JUN11 OCT11

2010: MAR10 JUN10 OCT10

2009: MAR09 JUN09 OCT09

2008: MAR08 JUN08 OCT08

2007: MAR07 JUN07 OCT07

2006: FEB06 JUN06 NOV06

2005: FEB05 JUN05 OCT05

2004: FEB04 MAY04 NOV04

2003: FEB03 MAY03 NOV03

2002: FEB02 MAY02 NOV02

2001: FEB01 MAY01 NOV01

2000: FEB00 MAY00 SEP00 NOV00

1999: FEB99 MAY99 SEP99 NOV99

1998: FEB98 MAY98 SEP98 NOV98

1997: JAN97 FEB97 MAY97 JUN97 SEP97 NOV97

1996: FEB96 JUN96 OCT96 DEC96

1995: FEB95 MAY95 OCT95

Ooops! I forgot in which session my experiment was observed.
I shall have a look in the good old EVN Feedback Facility.

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