Starting April 2024, the content, services, and automatic redirects of have either been moved to a different URL or reimplemented as a different service.
The tables below lists where specific functionality or documentation has moved to. Please update your bookmarks.

Please contact jive AT jive DOT eu in case you're looking for something specific that you cannot find (anymore).


The following tools and services have moved:

Information about the EVN TOG
EVN Feedback (submission)
EVN Feedback (viewing)
FTP fringe tests
The EVN Calculator
Image gallery ( No new location
e-VLBI ( No new location

The following automatic redirects are not available anymore; please update to using the new locations of the following topics:

"EVN User Guide"
"Access to the EVN"
"EVN Meetings"
"VLBI Links"

More services offered by JIVE are listed and readily available from our services' portal