Minutes of 3rd EVN-NREN Meeting

Exchange Avenue, Schiphol Airport, Netherlands.

28th January 2005 (11:00-16:30)



Name                          e-mail address                        Organisation/Institution        

Walter Alef                    alef@mpifr-bonn.mpg.de Max-Planck-Institut

Paul Burgess                 pb@jb.man.ac.uk                       Manchester University

Simon Casey                 scasey@jb.man.ac.uk                Jodrell Bank

John Chevers                 john.chevers@dante.org.uk         DANTE

Michael Enrico               michael.enrico@dante.org.uk      DANTE

Tony Foley                    foley@astron.nl                          ASTRON

Mike Garrett                  director@jive.nl                          JIVE

Marcin Garstka              marcinga@man.poznan.pl          PSNC

Richard Hughes-Jones    r.hughes-jones@manchester.ac.uk Manchester University

Giuseppe Maccaferri      g.maccaferri@ira.cnr.it               CNR-IRA

Marco Marletta              marco.marletta@garr.it               GARR

Ari Mujunen                   amujunen@cc.hut.fi                   Metsahovi Observatory

Michael Olberg              olberg@oso.chalmers.se            Onsala Space Observatory

Niels den Otter              otter@surfnet.nl                         SURFnet

Steve Parsley                parsley@jive.nl                          JIVE

Eugeniusz Pazderski     ep@astro.uni.torun.pl                 Torun

Jouko Ritakari                jr@kurp.hut.fi                             Metsahovi Observatory

Toby Rodwell                 toby.rodwell@dante.org.uk          DANTE

Ralph Spencer               res@jb.man.ac.uk                      Jodrell Bank

Arpad Szomoru szomoru@jive.nl                        JIVE



Duncan Rogerson          duncan@nosc.ja.net                  UKERNA

Sergei Pogrebenko         pogrebenko@jive.nl                    JIVE

Hanno Holties                holties@astron.nl                       ASTRON

Per Nihlen                     per@nordu.net                           NorduNET/SUNET


11:00   Open Meeting, Introductions, Agenda and Actions

11:20   Review of overall project progress, related projects and forthcoming FP6 call for proposals (Steve Parsley, JIVE)

11:50   Detailed technical results of Jumbo Frame Tests, network monitoring and centralised control of network connection (Arpad Szomoru, JIVE)

12:20    Update from NRENs and Observatories

12:50   Lunch

13:20   New UDP Protocols for VLBI file transfer (Jouko Ritakari, Metsähovi Radio Observatory, Finland)

13:40   Bandwidth Test Results (Richard Hughes-Jones, University of Manchester)

14:00   High Bit Rate Transfers to JIVE (Simon Casey, Jodrell Bank)

14:20   Update on GÉANT2 (Michael Enrico, DANTE)

14:40   PERT and performance monitoring (Toby Rodwell, DANTE)

15:00   Discussion

16:00    AOB

16:30    Close

Note that slides from the presentations will be made available on:





The details of the presentations may be found in the slides published on the EVN website. The principal points raised in discussion were as follows:


Status of Observatories


Schedule of eVLBI for 2005

The schedule was agreed (see SP presentation). A possible additional date mentioned by MG is in late June/early July for a demonstration to an EC delegation visiting Dwingeloo, including the commissioner.


The ‘Science Demo’ scheduled for 11/3 will explore dynamic scheduling- testing several astronomical sources for suitability before observing the brightest (‘flaring’) object in more detail.


A test was proposed by RH-J involving simultaneous disc-disc transfer into JIVE from several observatories. DANTE, GARR, SURFnet and PSNC confirmed that they are happy to support tests, including UDP up to 512Mbps, without prior notice. RS expressed doubts about a long (circa several hours) test over Network NW. 

Action: ME to confirm that such tests are acceptable to the NRENs not represented.


EC Call for Proposals

Comments made on the presentation were:



Jumbo Frame Tests

Comments made on the presentation were:


New UDP Protocols for VLBI file transfer (and Mk.V alternatives)


PERT and performance monitoring

Action: ME to check with NORDUnet etc if statistics are also available.

Action: MG to confirm if PSNC stats are available.


General Actions

Action: DANTE to explore monitoring possibilities

Action: SP to oversee arrangements for science demo


Next Meeting

It was proposed that the next EVN-NREN meeting be held in Dwingeloo over 2 days, in early September.